SatoshiMaps is On-Chain BSV MAPS

Users are invited to add business listings to the map. All content is stored on-chain, and ultimately, can be overlayed on any map software, wether Google Maps or some open source GIS software.

We attempt to utilise the concept of an economic community to build a registry of businesses all over the world. Primarily, we are interested in businesses that accept Bitcoin. But all businesses can be included, we will simply build tools to filter for such specifics over time.

You can Vote on any listing with a micro-transaction!

The concept of the 'economic community' involves users paying a microtransaction to make a listing, and paying a microtransaction to downvote an invalid or inaccurate listing. This serves to keep the information as honest as possible. Further it provides excellent incentive for miners to keep mining. The more apps we can build that work off micro txs the better.

The app uses the MAP protocol involving key/value pairs but also brings in a tallying on votes approach. The code is open source, and you may freely reuse on your own site

Developer Information:

The map data is at present posted as such:

"1234 Address St",
"A short description of the business",

1F6d5Aqf3Pfj594nUjPBHm483qBXZmxBp6 is this application's protocol ID

1PuQa7K62MiKCtssSLKy1kh56WWU7MtUR5 is the MAP (Magic Attribute Protocol) id.

The OP_RETURN data for voting is simple. App ID followed by a "downvote/upvote" followed by a transaction id of the original submission eg.